That Old Black Magic

So it’s October and I’m pretty sure that Miles never bothered to mention what my house does on the first on purpose. I woke up this morning to my entire house – and the block- decorated for Halloween.

I’m serious. I freaked a little. I remember getting home from the shop late and there were no decorations. I woke up to go in to do more paperwork, that’s all I can do with my broken wrist, and my entire house was all Spooky. With a capital S. I ran out into the yard and panicked a little until I got a good look at the tombstones. Yes, tombstones. There were things like:

“Here lies the body of Anna,

Done to death by a banana.

It wasn’t the fruit that laid her low,

but the skin of the thing that made her go.”

I laughed, okay? That one made me laugh. So did this one:

“Here lies the body of Jake.

Stepped on the gas instead of the brake.”

I might have sniggered at this one too:

“Here lies the body of last years Trick-Or-Treater.”

While I was out front laughing at the graveyard my house put in and poking at all the decorations, Ben came over to check on me. That’s when I got a really good look at his castle decorated for Halloween.

He wasn’t lying. The damn thing really does come with a moat. He just didn’t mention that the moat gave off this eerie ass smoke from the water. Or the alligators. He didn’t mention those either.

“So, I notice that you didn’t mention, all those weeks ago, the alligators or the smoke.”

He had the good sense to blush at that. “Well, would you have believed me then?”

He had a point. I probably wouldn’t. I had a hard time believing I was actually seeing a lake beast when I met Bessie.

“Probably not.” I replied.

Ben got a good look at the graveyard that was now my front lawn, complete with caskets that opened and zombies that were trying to get out of the ground.

“So, a graveyard, huh? I wouldn’t have figured you for that kind of girl.”

“What can I say? Graveyards have always fascinated me.”

Ben chuckled as he checked out my tombstones. “Oh yeah, these are you. I’m glad to see the house settling on your personality. I was afraid it was going to fight you.”

“They do that?” I said as I looked at my house. I could feel the faintly Gothic vibe that it was beginning to take on. Aside from the decorations, it had also sprung up another story and added two turrets and a widow’s walk. I was pleased with those.

“Depends on the personality of the person living there. There’s been a couple of bad matches before. Not this time, apparently. It likes your style. Otherwise it wouldn’t have tried to please you this Halloween.” Ben said as he pulled me into his chest while we both took in the view of my house and his. “I like your Halloween style, Lowe.”

I smiled. It felt good to be liked for who I was, even if I didn’t have a choice when my house showed it to the whole neighborhood. “I like yours too, even if the alligators make me nervous.”

“You’re fine. They’re fake.” Ben said as he kissed my temple. “I’m off to work. If our houses are decorated, that means the Murphy twins will have their hyenas again and they’ll need to be seen.”

I paused. “Hyenas. Right.”

Ben laughed. “They’re fine. Blueville, remember? Nothing is ever as it seems.”

“Right. Dinner tonight? I’ll make stew.”

Ben eyed me for a moment. “I’ll make bread and bring it over.”

“Okay, but first -” I grabbed his shirt front and tugged him down for a kiss. I was pretty sure that when I let him go, we both walked away with a smile.

I do love a man who can bake.



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