Waxing Gibbous

So after I ran out of the house after Winston, I realized just how much of a dumbass I could be.

I might have actually said out loud, “Stupid! This is like the first five minutes of those TV shows you watch or the beginning of every horror movie!”

Stupid might have been my mantra as I was running for safety.

By that point I was in front of Ben’s place and Winston had caught on that I was following him and stopped chasing Miles in favor of chasing after me. He seemed to think it was great fun. It was not fun for me and so I took off for Ben’s place, hoping I could get inside before Winston caught up with me. I know he still thinks it’s a game, but he’s a very big, whatever he is, during the full moon.  I manged to make it inside after losing part of the other intact pant leg.

after throwing the bolt on Ben’s front door and slamming the bar down to hold it in place, I found the nearest chair to sit and take a breather. It was in a corner, so I figured I was okay there for a few minutes.  I heard the low, keening noises coming from the basement dungeons then. I’d missed them over my breathlessness, but I stayed right where I was. I was unsure if going down there was going to end my life or not and I liked my life right now.

I sat in that chair for what felt like an hour before giving in to my curiosity. Don’t yell at me, I already know I was being stupid for the second time. Grabbing a short sword from a wall display of them I found the door to the dungeons and descended downward.

Of course the staircase was a spiral and of course I couldn’t see around the corner, so I spent the whole trip down thinking that I was going to die at the bottom of the stairs. When it came to a door with nothing at the bottom of the stairs, I let out a little sigh. The keening stopped then and a large, scaly green nose poked itself to where the bars were on the door. It was sniffing the air and apparently, it liked what it smelled because it started scratching at the door and keening wildly then. I scrambled back up the stairs and only made it around the corner before the low wail started. That’s when I remembered, the nose on the other side of the door was Ben. Cursing, I ran back down the steps and opened the door. In the back of my mind, I was really hoping that I hadn’t just made a big mistake.

I had no time to think about closing the door though, because Ben reached in an grabbed me with a large, green paw that was attached to very large claws. The scream I was about to unleash died when I got a really good look at just what Ben turned in to.

He was a dragon. A very large dragon.

At that point a nasty thought ran through my head, that he could be the one responsible for the egg in my fireplace. It didn’t make me feel very good and my heart sank in to my stomach.

Ben made a low, contented rumble in his throat and knocked me out of my thoughts, as he walked us back over to where there was a rather large nest. He curled in to it with me and set me down between his front legs. before I could get up or even make myself comfortable, there was a blanket handed to me and Ben curled around me. He dropped his head on his fore-paws and closed his eyes, letting out a huff of breath that smelled faintly of sulfur.

“Shit.” I muttered under my breath as I watched his breathing even out. He was a asleep with in minutes of settling down with me.

With no other options left to me, I sighed and wiggled until I was mostly comfortable laying on one of his arms and tucked the blanket around myself. It took me awhile to fall asleep, but I promised myself that on the next full moon, I’d be bringing a book. Now that I knew he wouldn’t kill me, this was a much better way to spend my late night than trying to deal with my weird ass dog.

I woke up the next morning with a very human Ben wrapped around me and something very hard and insistent poking my back. I snickered. I couldn’t help it, it was like the opening to every bad romantic scene in a fantasy story. Girl makes dumb decision to go see changed boyfriend. Girl finds changed boyfriend, who doesn’t want to kill her, but instead snuggles with her. Girl wakes up to very human boyfriend with a bad case of the morning blues. Usually, sex happens at that point.

I admit, the choice to come down here was pretty dumb, but at least I understood why he locked himself in the dungeon. I pulled the blanket off myself and tucked in Ben. I was no fantasy story heroine. This was one monster who was going to bathe before I’d take him upstairs. He stank of sulfur and brimstone. I had made it to the edge of the nest when I heard Ben shift in his sleep. Praying that he hadn’t woken up, I looked over my shoulder to find him staring at me, mouth slack-jawed.

“Don’t say it. Just don’t. I already know it was stupid to come down here.”

Ben blushed. “I was actually going to ask if I made any um, advances toward you.”

“Well, you snuggled me.” Ben looked relieved. This made me curious. “Why? What does your other self usually do?”

Ben blushed harder. “The last time I had a girlfriend my other self proposed. She dumped me the next day, saying that it was way too weird to have a dragon ask her to marry him while putting a flower crown on her head.”

I was stunned for a few seconds before I started laughing. “Well, your other self must have learned something from that because he only snuggled me.”

“Well, at least he learned something.” Ben said as he got up and threw the blanket over his shoulder as he crawled to the edge of the nest where I was.

When he got there, he pulled me and kissed me. When we parted, he nuzzled my neck. “You have entirely too many clothes on and I need to shower. Want to join me?”

“I was already thinking I needed to bathe. I probably smell.”

Ben sniffed my neck and laughed. “Yeah, like home.”

Before I could respond to that, he slipped over the side of the nest and tugged me after him. Scooping me up, he took me upstairs. It was about mid-afternoon before I got around to telling him about Winston and Mark.

We shouldn’t have worried though. Mark was still sound asleep when we got down to open up the basement. There were claw marks over everything though. Winston was pretty easy to find too. He came strolling out of the forest looking pleased with himself at dusk. I don’t know what he rolled in, but it stank and it took both of us three hours to get him smelling like a dog again.

He was very unhappy with us and slunk off to hide under the dining room table after we’d released from the bathroom. By the time night fell and the snow had started again, my window had been boarded up, I was curled up in bed with Ben over at his place and Mark was awake and eating everything in my kitchen before we left.

We’ve been giving him more space lately. He says he’s not ready to live by himself yet, so we’re waiting. It’s only been a week or two. Things like this take time and Ben and I have two homes we can split our time between, so it’s not really that big of a deal. For now at least, we’re all pretty content with the arrangement.



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