Full Moon Rising

So we’ve made it to the full moon in this house and honestly? We’re all really excited. Especially Logan. He can’t sit still. He keeps bouncing from one person to another, looking for a lap to sit on and someone to hold him until he find someone else interesting to switch to.

It was cute the first hour. Now it’s just annoying to have a fifty pound dragonet land on your back.

Alphonse is handling the situation well, he’s understandably nervous, because he keeps asking Ben if he’ll change back in to a human again. We’ve all tried to assure him that he will, but until he actually does, I’m not sure that he’s going to believe us.

With all the new child in the house business, we totally forgot about Jude coming home to visit. She timed it right though, arriving that evening after I’d put everyone in their cages for the change. I was running back up the stairs when I heard the bell ringing. Thinking it was the Sheriff with an update, I ran for the front door and flung it open.

“Oh, it’s you. Don’t you know family doesn’t have to knock?” I said.

Jude laughed. “Well that’s one hell of a welcome home.”

“I’m sorry,” I said as I hugged her. “It’s the full moon. I’ve got everyone down stairs already.”

“Even Ben?”

“Yeah. He’s down with our boys.”

“Logan, Mark and Miles.”

“Alphonse too,” I said absently as I shut the door behind her after she came in.

“Who is Alphonse?”

“Ben and I are adopting Alphonse,” I said over my shoulder. “Are you coming to meet your grandson or not?”

I opened the door to the basement with one hand after gathering up my blankets and things. Looking back at her, I waited while she stared at me with her mouth agape. Then the laughter started. It was answered from below with a bellow that told me the change had already happened.

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear about how this happened,” Jude said as she followed me down to the basement.

“It’s a tale, all right.”

I stopped and opened up the cells for Mark and Miles. Miles leaped out of his and padded over to Jude. He started mouthing her hand, which made Jude laugh and scratch his ears.

“Don’t encourage him,” I said as I walked past them and opened the doors to the dragons.

I was greeted with tears and a little blonde boy running in to my arms. I handed Jude some of my things and wrapped Logan in a blanket before scooping him up and cuddling him close. I looked over at Jude, whose mouth was agape again. I smiled.

“Logan meet Grammy,” I said to him as he cried in to my shoulder.

Logan sniffed and peeked out from under my chin. Jude smiled and waved at him. That got her a watery smile before he started with the tears again. I started singing softly to him while making my way over to where Alphonse and Ben were curled up together in the nest. I smiled at Alphie when he nuzzled my leg. His deep purple scales made him look like he was black in color.

“Jude,” I called over to her. “this is Alphonse.”

“Oh he’s beautiful,” Jude said softly as she came over and scratched Alphonse’s chin when he let her.

Mark padded over to me and nuzzled Logan’s leg. Logan looked down and gasped, pulling his leg back.

“No Logan. That’s Mark.”

Logan looked down and Mark and smiled a little before looking back up at me.

“It’s okay,” I said to him and set him down with his blanket wrapped tightly around him.

Mark sat down and looked at Logan, waiting patiently. Logan reached a hand out of his blanket and touched Marks head gently. I held in a breath, but when Logan squealed at how soft Mark’s fur was and dived both hands in to it and gripped tightly; I let it out again. I knew Logan would be okay with Mark’s wolf.

Jude laughed and I smiled over at her.

“So this is how dragons have children?”

“You know, I haven’t really thought about it? I’m sure that it’s the opposite for male dragons then it is for female,” I said with a laugh.

“That’s got to be a relief for you.”

“Yes, yes it is. I do not want to think about having to give birth to an egg the size of Logan’s before he hatched.”

Jude started laughing again and Logan made his way over to her. He looked up at her and smiled. Jude held her arms out and Logan held his up to her. She cuddled Logan close and sighed.

“I always wanted this, you know. I always wanted grand children.”

“Well now you’ve got two.”

I spread out my blanket in Ben’s arms and crawled in, covering myself with the other one. Ben leaned his head down and nuzzled my shoulder. I smiled up at him as I scratched his chin.

“After the wedding, we’ll think about more kids big guy.”

Ben rumbled in response.

“Why do I get the feeling you won’t leave the whole ‘big family’ thing alone?” I said to him.

He nudged my shoulder, which caused Jude to laugh.

“This must be an argument that you two have frequently.”

“Pretty much. He just smiles and goes on his way, like that’s going to convince me.”

“I got news for you kid, you’re already building a large family.”

Ben snorted.

“Oh don’t start or I’m going upstairs for the night,” I said to him.

He rumbled at me, distressed and pulled his legs closer to me. Jude smiled at us and let out a little chuckle. That’s when I noticed that Logan was asleep in Jude’s arms.

“Do you want to put him down? He’s asleep.”

“Should I take him upstairs with me?”

I looked over at Mark, who nodded. There would be time enough for him to sleep down here with the rest of us.

“Yeah, it’s okay. He might not be able to talk yet. We’re still working on that with Alphonse too. So he’ll emote. Try your best, but he’ll probably sleep all night. Changing is hard.”

Jude nodded and wished us good night before going upstairs with Logan and closing the door behind her. I settled in to my spot with my book when Mark put his paw on my leg. I looked up at him and got a face lick.

“Oh, gross. I really hope you didn’t just lick your butt.”

Mark let his tongue loll out of his mouth and barked. I laughed.

“I love you too, Mark.”

I watched him settle in his usual spot with Miles. Alphonse was slowly edging his way towards me. I patted my lap and he put his head down. I went back to reading my book while scratching his neck and eye ridges. Ben rumbled and I looked up.

“You want me to read?”

Ben nodded, so I shrugged and started reading aloud. Shortly after midnight, we all dropped off in to a deep sleep. I woke up to a shivering little boy in front of me, and his adoptive father behind me. I smiled and tucked the blankets around us before drifting off back to sleep.

We all got a rude awakening when Logan and Jude came down the steps. Logan clapped at us like Alphonse does to get attention. I yawned and lifted my head. Logan squealed and reached out for me. I laughed and wiggled out of the nest, going over to him and scooped him up from Jude.

“Look at you! Aren’t you handsome?” I said as I tickled his tummy.

Logan laughed and kissed my cheek. I looked up at Jude.

“Don’t look at me, he’s been doing that since he got up this morning.”

I shrugged and snuggled Logan closer. I felt a tug on my shirt and I looked down, Alphonse had woken up. I smiled and ran my hand over his hair. He smiled up at me in return. Logan saw who it was and held out his arms. Alphonse smiled back at him and I set Logan down, the two hugged.

Jude edged over to me and whispered, “Can they talk to each other?”

“Yeah. Dragon thing, apparently. Ben will explain when he gets up.”

“I’m awake,” He said as he finished wrapping one of the towels from the stack around his waist. “who can sleep with that noise?”

I laughed. “I did warn you.”

Alphonse smiled up at Ben and laughed when Ben scooped him up. I picked up Logan again and looked over at Miles and Mark. They were still asleep.

“Who’s in the mood for waffles?” I asked.

The answer got applause from the boys and laughter from Ben. Jude just shook her head and followed us all up the stairs.



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