I’m so sick of snow!

I grew up in the mid-west. I love snow, but every year at the end of January I can honestly admit that I’m ready to see the whole world burn for just one taste of spring. Miles of course, thinks it’s hilarious. He finds little ways to needle me about the snow and how we’ve been hit with blizzard after blizzard. There’s been so much snow this year that I haven’t been able to get out of the house as much as I want to.

I actually haven’t been able to get out of the house much at all since I fell on the sidewalk while getting the mail and Ben freaked completely out. He’s actively terrified that I’m going to lose the baby because I fell. Going to the store requires someone with me at all times. While I found it amusing at first, I’m starting to lose my temper with it all, especially since the Doctor said okay to me doing things on my own again.

If I don’t get out of this house soon I’m going to scream and break something. It’s not going to be pretty.

I should probably tell you how I fell, before some of you start asking if I’m okay. First of all; I’m fine. Nothings broken, Baby and I are doing perfectly well. Secondly, there’s a puppy by the name of Gibbs that’s in the permanent dog house with me for playing “Let’s knock people over” while I’m walking out to get the mail.

He comes barreling at me, thinking I’m going to react like the boys and start laughing. I started shouting at him to stop, we still haven’t grasped that command, when the sound of Ben coming in to the driveway makes them go nuts. I can’t really blame Ben though, it’s not his fault he came home earlier than I expected.

Anyway, I started to believe that he lost all interest in his game, when my feet flew out from under me and I had a face full of doggy tongue. I was not pleased. Neither was Ben who stopped the car, ran over shouting at Gibbs, who thought it was a game and started dancing away from him. The boys corralled Gibbs while Ben ran over to me.

I was already starting to pick myself back up, I was sitting up and rubbing my back with one hand while brushing snow off with my other. Ben dropped down next to me and immediately started checking me over. I tried to tell him I was fine, but he wasn’t hearing it and scooped me up and put me in the car. He ordered both boys back in to the house with the dogs so Miles could watch them, and drove me to the hospital.

We got there and I was taken in to the ER while Ben babbled at a doctor about what happened. I was left to wait while Ben twitch anxiously in the chair next to my bed.

“You can stop that, you know. I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine. You were knocked over by a 65 pound puppy.”

“Pregnant women fall all the time. I’m healthy. My body is used to falls. This one might be nothing.”

“I’ll calm down when the doctor says otherwise.”

I sighed and gave up. My head was throbbing from where it hit the ground. I closed my eyes and managed to relax for an hour before the doctor came to see us. Ben shot up out of his seat like a Jack-in-the-Box and I started giggling. I couldn’t help it. The Doctor gave me a look and I swallowed some of my giggles while Ben explained why we were there. The Doctor looked at me sharply and went about asking me questions. I answered him the best I could.

No, my stomach does not hurt. No, my legs do not hurt. Yes, my head hurts. Yes, my lower back hurts. No, I do not need to pee.

“Well, I’m going to order an ultra sound to be on the safe side. I’m also going to have blood drawn.”

I nodded at him, but Ben spoke up.

“Then can I take her home?”

“We’ll see what the tests say. If they’re okay, you can,” he turned to me and pointed. “Bed rest, at least two days. No strenuous activity.”

“I’m a Mom, Doc. That job is strenuous.”

“Not right now, it’s not. You’ll find someone to help.”

I sighed. Ben looked pleased. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Then will you tell the worry wort there that it stresses me out when he works late and doesn’t call?”

The Doctor saw where I was going with this and chuckled.

“Yes. I can do that,” he turned and pointed at Ben. “What she said with an added addendum of you work too much and she needs help.”

I giggled when Ben narrowed his eyes at me. I blew a kiss at him. The Doctor chuckled at the both of us.

“I’ll be back after the ultrasound. Drink water.” He ordered as he left.

I drank the water that was left for me by a nurse and waited for the technician. When she showed up, it took her twenty minutes to get her pictures of my baby and uterus. There’s still no sex on Baby, though. We couldn’t see it on the screen, he or she had their back turned toward us.

It took them another three hours to get test results back and even then, they released me with the promise that if I felt anything weird, to come back immediately. I promised the Doctor I would and Ben walked me out of the hospital. As we walked hand-in-hand to the car, I smiled up at him.

“See? All fine.”

“I’m not. I never want to see that happen again.”

“I’m fine Ben. I bounce.” I said as I walked to my side of the car.

Ben spun me around and pinned me to the car as he kissed me.

“I’m not fine. Not until you and baby are separate and okay,” he said as he held me close. “I was terrified I might lose you both.”

“I’m pregnant, Ben. I’m not terminal,” I said as I hugged him back. “but I can see where you’re coming from. You’ve got to relax a little about this. It’s a baby, not the end of my life.”

“I know, but I’m scared. For both of you. I don’t want to lose either one.”

“You’re not. I’m fine. Strong and healthy, that’s what the doctor said.”

Ben kissed my forehead. “You’re still following the doctors instructions.”

“Of course I am. I’m looking forward to two days in bed with my books. I have quite a stack to get through,” I said as I climbed in to the car after Ben opened up my car door.

He went around and got into the drives seat, but didn’t start the car right away. I put on my seat belt while he stared at me.

“You’re up to something,” he said.

“Yep, now get a move on. I want a nap.”

He waited for me to explain and when I didn’t, shrugged and started the car. We drove home in relative silence, listening to the radio. We were nearly to the driveway when Ben stopped the car.

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing that’ll endanger me, the baby, or anyone in the house. I promise.”

Ben looked at me from the driver’s seat and narrowed his eyes.

“Do not call my mother.”

“Too late.”

His head hit the steering wheel with a loud thunk. I think even the neighbors heard me laugh.



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