About Marlowe and Blueville

Hello! I’m Miles, Marlowe’s cousin and town librarian.

Welcome to Blueville. The town here is a little weird. As in, you’re not really going to believe what you’re seeing when you see a man walk down the street, his tentacles helping him hold a giant cake as he is trying to load it in to a car.

Yeah, that’s kind of weird. Not really all that unusual though. We do have a lot of what you would consider normal if you were visiting the town.

Then there’s the midsummer festival, Luminary. The festival encourages people to make very elaborate paper statues that can be lit from within by candle light. This year’s winner was a giant dragon built by the English department’s team from the High School. Go team Light it Up!

Blueville isn’t just home to Luminary. There is also Elanor, she lives in the lake. We don’t quite know what she is, but we’re glad she’d made our Lake Edmund home. Summer wouldn’t be the same without the kids who play with her in the shallows on Moonshine Beach.

We have a lively community here with many local restaurants, such as The Great Wall, The Fish Place and the four-star eatery in The Watch known as The Armory.

Speaking of The Watch, that’s our local hotel. It was the first building here in Blueville and once served as the Town Hall before the members of the Sherwood family bought it in 1918. It’s been in the family ever since and as recently as 1999 went public as the only major hotel in the town that can accommodate more than two or three families at a time. They currently have housing for up to 197 guests, whether in the manse or on the grounds in the cottages. Next summer they plan on breaking ground for a spa that would include mud baths, seaweed wraps, hot stone massages and more. We look forward to the opening and pray that nothing happens like that bit of bad business when Harley’s Roadhouse opened up out on Green Arrow highway by Pink’s Pumpkins. Very bad business that left the place a crater, but we’re getting over it and the perpetrator is in jail.

There are several bed and breakfasts in the town as well. Lily House, Blackthorne and Rose Cottage are all lovely places to stay when visiting our fair town. All of them quite unique in their own way. The Lily House is known for its lily gardens; including a lily girl who lives in the pond inside of the water garden at the back of the property. I hear she’s quite charming to talk to during the spring and summer months. During the fall is hard to get her to come to the surface and in the winter its next to impossible.

Blackthorne was named after the family of werewolves that guarded the town during the early days when the Indian wars waged across the mountains. They’re still considered the town’s earliest heroes. Since then there have been numerous incidents where the town has experienced a need for heroes and there have been no shortages of townsfolk who have stepped up for the task. Our latest brand of hero comes from the Sheriff’s department in the form of our own Sheriff Eric Stiers. He was the one who stopped the resurgence of The Black Knight some thirty years ago. Thanks for protecting the town, Sheriff Stiers.

Rose Cottage is my personal favorite. Known for its award winning rose gardens, Rose Cottage was named after Rose Benning, the town founder. Rose Benning led the first settlers of Blueville across the mountains to settle in the town proper. The first building to go up was a wooden frame house where The Watch now stands. The following spring they started and built the watch, with the help of the town’s founders. They were all special in some way. Rose Benning was a stonemancer, she could control the earth and had a particular affinity for stone. Charlie Whitetower was a fire-brand, he could work metal with the help of his affinity for fire. These things made the building of The Watch go faster than any expected and the building was erected before winter set in. In fact, only three additions have been added to The Watch since that summer in 1799.

So our town’s history is normal with a touch of weird. That’s just what Marlowe Oberly, my cousin, got when she arrived here back in April. Since then she’s adjusted well. She’s currently attached to one of the town’s most prominent citizens, Dragon Ben Solt. He’s also the town veterinarian, with a thriving practice here in town thanks to all the unusual animals that make up the nature preserves outside of the town. Marlowe owns and operates the only auto shop in town that I’d trust my car with, Oberly’s Workshop and Restoration.

She’s absolutely brilliant with cars and being a metalmancer, quite apt at making even the most stubborn of metals cooperate. I wouldn’t want to mess with her either. The last time I played a practical joke on her I ended up hanging by my suspenders on a flagpole. She’d tossed me up there using the metal on my clothing and left me there over night. I still don’t think it’s fair. I mean, safety pins on clothing were all the rage back in high school. So it wasn’t fair that she could use those to toss me up there and leave me, but I digress. Marlowe has adapted well since arriving to our little mountain hamlet.

So there you have it, our weird but normal little town. We’re no different from anyone else. Won’t you come visit?


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